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About Leah



I have been an ACE certified personal trainer and also a health coach since 1996. I have worked with people of all ages and have helped them achieve their health, weight and  fitness goals.


I have also earned my AASDN Nutrition Specialist certification so I may better help those with special dietary needs- especially those with digestion problems ( IBS, IBD, autoimmune, colitis…etc.).


On a personal note, I was fairly recently diagnosed with Microscopic Colitis. I then endeavored to learn as much as possible about this disease ( and related ones). One thing I did learn is that there is a lot that is unknown about all Irritable Bowel Diseases. Many doctors know what medications to prescribe to help manage the symptoms, but sorely lack the nutritional knowledge that can help you feel much better ( maybe even without drugs). I am also a trained chef and can even help you a bit with  ideas for cooking healthy meals! If you need help going through your kitchen pantry and fridge or help with picking the right foods while grocery shopping, I can do that also!


Through much research, discussions with hundreds who suffer with MC and other IBDs, and through personal experience, I have discovered that the right diet can not only manage the symptoms of all bowel diseases, but can lead to remission for many. It has for me.


Whether it be an exercise program, a weight loss plan, or a digestion problem, I  would like the opportunity to help you. 


Thank you for your interest in my services.


Here's to your health!


Leah Hipschman